Construction of Nwoya Fruit Processing Factory to commence

Construction of Nwoya Fruit Processing Factory to commence

Construction of Nwoya Fruit Processing Factory to commence

The government of Uganda has assured farmers in Nwoya district that the construction of the long-awaited Nwoya Fruit factory is to commence at the beginning of next Financial Year 2020/2021.

The Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries Hon. Vincent Ssempijja gave this assurance while speaking to mango traders in Kampala on Kafumbe Mukasa road where he witnessed the sale of high-quality mangoes produced by Nwoya Farm owned by Delight Uganda Ltd supported by NAADS.

Government through NAADS has set aside 19 billion shillings to construct a fruit processing factory in Nwoya district to add value to the abundant fruits produced in the region.

The factory is constructed in partnership with Delight Uganda Ltd, manufacturers of Cheers juice, Nwoya District Local Government and Nwoya Fruit Growers Cooperative Society. More than 5,000 fruit out growers from eight sub-counties are set to benefit from the factory.

The 12 metric ton per hour factory will add value to the mangoes, oranges and guavas grown in Nwoya and the neighboring districts.

Fruit Farming

The installation of the processing equipment will be done in phases starting with 8metric ton per hour for mangoes and oranges, and later 4 metric tons per hour will be installed.

The Executive Director NAADS Dr. Samuel Mugasi said the process of procuring a contractor is underway and the construction of the factory is set to commence in the coming Financial Year 2020/21.

The establishment of the fruit factory will turn around many lives of the farmers in Nwoya and the neighboring districts because it will provide a ready market to the farmers.

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