Our Mandate

NAADS Mandate


To provide support for the management of the agriculture input distribution chains, strategic commodity


  1. Accessible quality inputs by farmers
  2. Functional agriculture commodity value chains
  • A unified farmer’s platform for sustainable household food security and incomes
  1. Responsive NAADS/OWC programs to health, gender and environmental issues
  2. Effective and efficient NAADS Secretariat
  3. Operational NAADS collaboration framework

How We Work

The NAADS Secretariat, a Public Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) is mandated to increase access, by all categories of farmers to agricultural inputs for improved household food and nutrition security and household incomes in line with the Agricultural Sector Strategic Plan and National Development Plan within Uganda’s Vision 2040.
In line with its new mandate, the NAADS Secretariat supports interventions in the following areas of mandate:

  • Management of the agricultural input distribution chains involving procurement and distribution of inputs to district local governments
  • Strategic interventions involving procurement and distribution of agricultural inputs for priority commodities under commodity approach, supporting multiplication of planting and stocking materials;
  • Agribusiness business development
  • Supporting value chain development focusing on the upper end of commodity chains.

Supporting Key Strategic Commodities

The implementation plan for NAADS interventions under Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) in all District Local Governments (DLGs) focuses more on supporting the key strategic commodities in line with the current government strategy aimed at concentrating resources on strategic and priority areas to ensure greater impact on household incomes and national export earnings. This support will focus on provision of seedlings for the key strategic commodities including tea, fruits (citrus, mangoes, apples and pineapples) and cocoa.
In line with the above strategic direction, the commodities supported under NAADS/OWC interventions are selected with a special focus on the key strategic commodities (above) while also putting into consideration the priority commodities submitted by the respective District Local Governments (mainly food security interventions, maize bean, bananas, cassava, etc.)
NAADS Secretariat disseminates quantified Indicative Planning Figures (IPFs) for agricultural inputs to all DLGS prior to the commencement of the agricultural season to guide farmer selection and registration in line with the strategic and priority commodities. The lists should subsequently be used during the distribution of inputs.

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