Performance of Pig Breeds

Feed Selection

To be profitable, a pig production enterprise should use Sows and Boars from high quality animals from improved breeds. Farmers should choose breeds that are common in their area since it eases the process of buying and selling breeding stock.

Table 2 below gives a list of pig breeds in Uganda from which a farmer can select.

Table 2: Different breeds of pigs in Uganda, their traits and average maturity age and weight
Breed Performance traits Maturity1 weight (kg)
Large White

or Yorkshire

White with erect ears, good mothering ability, produces

many litters, fast growing and fairly hardy

Male 310 – 400; Female:

250 – 330.

Landrace White, lopped ears, fast growth rate, high quality


Male 310 – 400; Female:

250 – 330.

Duroc Dark brown, fast growth rate, good mothering ability.

It is tolerant to stress and is adaptable to various environmental conditions

Male 300; Female 250.
Hampshire Black, good carcass quality, high meat yield Male 300 Female 250
Comborough Superior weaning capability, robustness, increased

weaning weights, short re-breeding intervals, higher conception rates, improved farrowing rates

Male 310 – 400; Female:

250 – 330.

Local pigs Different colors, hardiness, adaptability, large litters 100-150
Crosses Crosses of Large white and Landrace are common. They

are very good when used as Sows for breeding

Footnote – 1 – Average age or weight under recommended good feeding

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