Weed Management

Weed Management

Ginger Weed Management

Weed management

Two weeding are generally given to the ginger crop. First weeding should be done just before the second mulching. It is repeated depending on the intensity of the weed growth or at an interval of 45-60 days. During hoeing, every care should be taken so that the rhizomes should not be disturbed, injured or exposed.

Weeds grow and usually compete with ginger for nutrients, water and light resulting in ginger reduction.

Apart from this, they also seen to have a direct effect on the plant rhizome e.g the nut grass/ sedge where it’s root penetrating inside the ginger rhizome resulting in low yield gain and forming entrance to the pathogenic organism.


If proper weed control is done before planting there should be fewer weeds after planting. One way of preventing is good land preparation.

However, soon after planting apply:- Atrazine as a pre- emergence weed control rate of 56gin 14 litres of water. If applied at the right time and in right amount this should keep the weeds under control for about 8 weeks.

After this manual weeding/weed wiper can follow up if need arises.

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