Weed Control

Weed Control

Maize weeding

Non-selective herbicide

Glyphosate: minimum tillage

Selective herbicides

  • Pre-emergence/ early post-emergence chemical application. Identify suitable herbicides.
  • Postemergence with activity on broad-leaf weeds e.g. 2,4-D amine

Manual weeding

This is a cumbersome activity, time-consuming, and expensive than where agrochemicals are used to control weeds. With chemical, one needs to only weeds once. Where manual weeding is practiced, one needs to weed twice i.e. 1 month after germination (depending on weed pressure) and at knee-high in preparation to top-dress.

Weed Control

Competition is critical between V3 and V8 stages of maize crop. Weed competition in maize depends on these factors:

  • The crop growth stage
  • The amounts of weeds present
  • The degree of water and nutrient stress
  • Weed species

High weed competition is as a result of:

  • Poor manual weed control.
  • Weeding too late Ineffective herbicide application.
  • Planting delayed after land preparation
  • If the land has been used for continuous maize cropping for many years, the load of weed seeds may be very high.
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