Storage and Preservation

Storage and Preservation

Storage and Preservation

Storage and Preservation:

You can eat garlic fresh out of the ground. But if you want to store it for winter, you must cure it first.

Place garlic in a dark place with good air circulation for two to three weeks after harvest to allow it to cure. For storage, you can braid soft-neck garlic. Trim stems of hard-neck garlic to one inch above the bulb. Store it where it will have good air circulation, 65-70% humidity, and a temperature of 35 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

In warm sunny climates, garlic can be left in the field to dry, but it should be covered with leaves to prevent sunburn.

Cured garlic will keep at least six months and up to a year when stored in optimal conditions.

Seed Saving:

Garlic is propagated by planting cloves or using bulbils. Save 15 to 20 percent of your crop – making sure to use only truly disease-free bulbs! -for planting next season.

Propagating garlic using bulbils can be much more effective than planting cloves. There are many more bulbils than cloves, making it easier to build up your planting stock. And since bulbils don’t touch the ground, you have a lower incidence of soil-borne diseases. Plant them just like you would plant cloves.

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