Sorghum is an important income and food security crop for those living in drought-prone regions of Uganda. Many races of the cereal are grown in almost all zones but the northern region is the highest producer followed by eastern, western and lastly the central. Much as the northern region is the highest producer of sorghum, the region experiences the lowest productivity indicating that production is due to the increased area in cultivation.

Uses of sorghum in Uganda

  • In Uganda, like in many countries in sub-Saharan Africa, most of the sorghum produced (47%) is consumed at the household level followed by selling grain.
  • Sorghum being an important food security crop, a greater percentage is stored mostly for later use as food.
  • Much of what is sold is used for making alcohol lager beer by East African Breweries and Nile Breweries.
  • The grain is sometimes an ingredient of livestock feed while the stover is used for forage.
  • The forage may be fed sole or mixed with brewer’s mash.
  • The mash is also a good laxative feed for lactating cattle which results in increased milk production

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