Pre-cultivation Requirements

Pre-cultivation Requirements


Pre-cultivation Requirements

  • Do a price and market survey on the cassava products you are to sell.
  • Do supply requirements in terms of quantity and frequency to those you are selling to.
  • Know your potential buyers.

Site Selection 

  • Choose deep flat soils as they are best for cassava.
  • In hilly areas, dig terraces to avoid soil erosion.
  • It is recommended to plant cassava at a slope.
  • In swampy areas, plant the cassava on a ridge.

Soil Sampling

  • Farmers are encouraged to undertake soil sampling and analysis to know/determine the nutrients that are missing in the soil and the fertilizers to apply so as to improve fertility.
  • Get in touch with the Extension Officer to assist you to do soil sampling.
  • Soil samples should be delivered to soil testing laboratories (e.g. Makerere University soil science and private laboratories known for quality work and reports).

Size and shape of cuttings

  • Use a sharp machete/panga and avoid damaging the cuttings.
  • The cuttings should have 5-7 nodes.
  • The average size of the cutting should be 15-25cm.
  • Cuttings should be well packaged and labeled for traceability.
  • Cuttings should have a plant movement permit from the district of origin.
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