The overall objective of the intervention is to commercialize the pineapple sector by supporting increased production through the distribution of quality clean pineapple seedlings that are tolerant to pests and diseases.

The planting materials are also used to establish pineapple multiplication sites to ensure increased access to good quality materials by farmers and sustainable supply within the individual districts.


The pineapple is a tropical and subtropical fruit grown in many African countries.
Locally the fruit is known as “Enanansi”. The fruit is trade-able and generates a lot of income for farmers who grow it.
In Uganda, pineapples are mainly grown south of Lake Kyoga and in western Uganda.

Common Pineapple cultivars are grown in Uganda

Smooth cayenne: which is by far the most popular cultivar throughout the tropics.

Queens: this cultivar is rather smaller and sweeter than the smooth cayenne.

The Red Spanish: which is a semi spineless cultivar whose fruits are intermediate of smooth cayenne and Red Spanish.

Giant Kew: this is a large-fruited pineapple cultivar and is most popular in India.

Abacaxi: which is a spiny and disease-resistant cultivar of pineapple.

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