NAADS partners with PSFU to train Farmers and spur private sector investment in agriculture.

NAADS partners with PSFU to train Farmers and spur private sector investment in agriculture.


The National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) has joined forces with the Private Sector Foundation Uganda to strengthen agriculture value chains through increased private sector investment in the sector with a focus on capacity building, agribusiness and agri financing.

In a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by two agencies at NAADS Secretariat, the partnership will focus on strengthening capacity building through training of stakeholders of the different agriculture value chains especially the farmers, to build adequate knowledge capacity at all levels. The signing ceremony, which took place today in Kampala, was attended by PSFU CEO, Mr. Asiimwe Stephen, and NAADS Executive Director, Dr. Samuel Mugasi.

Speaking during the signing ceremony, Dr. Mugasi said NAADS and PSFU are going to join resources both human and financial to get the most out of the most out of the selected value chains for the benefit of farmers, off takers, processors among others.

“We plan to strengthen a number of value chains especially the high value crops that Government is promoting through NAADS including Hass avocado, macadamia, cashew nuts, the oil seeds among others”, said Dr. Mugasi.

He added that as a vehicle for strengthening agribusiness, PSFU will work together with NAADS to ensure that farmers have access to affordable financing for sustainable agriculture value chains and access to markets for their products.

“We are excited to partner with PSFU to deliver on our shared vision of transforming the agricultural sector. This MOU will enable us to reach more farmers, provide them with better services, and create a more vibrant and competitive agricultural economy. We believe that this is a critical step towards achieving our goal of social-economic transformation for inclusive growth”, added Dr. Mugasi.

Commenting on the signing, Mr. Asiimwe Stephen, CEO of PSFU, stated: “This MOU is a game-changer for Ugandan agriculture. By bringing together the expertise of the private and public sectors, we can unlock the immense potential of this sector and drive inclusive growth across the country. We are confident that this partnership will lead to significant improvements in productivity, incomes, and livelihoods for Ugandan farmers.”

The MOU marks a significant step forward in bridging the gap between the public and private sectors in Ugandan agriculture. Through this collaboration, PSFU and NAADS will leverage their respective strengths and expertise to:

Enhance private sector participation in agricultural value chains: The MOU will create frameworks for private sector investment in key areas such as input supply, processing, marketing, and infrastructure development. This will contribute to increased productivity, efficiency, and job creation within the sector.

Improve access to finance for smallholder farmers: PSFU and NAADS will work together to facilitate access to finance for smallholder farmers through innovative financial mechanisms and partnerships. This will empower farmers to invest in their operations and improve their livelihoods.

Strengthen agricultural extension services: The two institutions will collaborate to develop and deliver effective extension services that cater to the specific needs of different farmer groups. This will ensure that farmers have access to the latest knowledge and technologies to improve their yields and incomes.

Promote agribusiness development: The MOU will focus on creating an enabling environment for agribusinesses to thrive. This includes advocating for policy reforms, reducing regulatory burdens, and facilitating access to markets.

The signing of this MOU represents a significant milestone in the development of Ugandan agriculture. By working together, PSFU and NAADS have the potential to create a more prosperous and inclusive future for the sector and the Ugandan economy as a whole.

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