Manure and Fertilizers in Pineapple Farming

Manure and Fertilizers in Pineapple Farming

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Application of Manure and Fertilizers in Pineapple Farming

  • Growing Pineapples in soil having good organic matter and high fertility is always beneficial in getting more production.
  • However, a pineapples crops require a minimum of 15 gm of Nitrogen and Potassium per each plant.
  • This crop does not require phosphorous for its healthy growth.
  • However, if your soil is less fertile, then application of 4 gm of P2O5 is also beneficial for getting a higher yield.
  • Take care while application of Nitrogen.
  • Apply Nitrogen in six equal split doses. The first dose should be applied after two months of plantation whereas the last one is to be applied at about one year of planting pineapples on the main field.
  • Follow the same for application of Potash.


Nitrogen is the nutrient most used by pineapples.

  • It can be applied at the rate of 50 kg per hectare by top dressing. Potassium is also essential as its deficiency would lead to poor quality fruits.
  • The best method to apply potassium is by broad casting into holes before planting.
  • Weed off your pineapple field to prevent host of disease causing pests less the competition for nutrients with your main crop.
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