Management of Weeds

Management of Weeds

Bean Harvesting

Management of weeds

  • Weed control is very critical in the 1st to 3rd month of the cassava crop.
  • Weed competition can cause about 30-60% yield loss.
  • Do your 1st weeding in the 6th week after planting, and weed the crop 2 – 3 more times to keep away competition for nutrients by weeds and providing alternative host plants for pests and diseases.

Safe use of agrochemicals 

  • Read and understand the label carefully.
  • Ensure that the recommended rates are followed.
  • Open containers with extreme care avoiding spilling and wastage.
  • In case of spillage, wash off the contaminated part with clean water.
  • Use clean water to mix the chemicals.
  • Use suitable equipment for measuring out chemicals.
  • After spraying, wash off the spray pump and bury all disposable containers.
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