Identification and preparation of beneficiary farmers

Tea Growing

Identification and preparation of beneficiary farmers

  • The DLGs, OWC together with farmer associations and farmer management committees, will mobilize, sensitize and assess farmers’ willingness and readiness to grow tea.
  • DLGs, Parish chiefs, tea farmer associations and farmer management committees, shall identify and register all farmers interested in growing tea based on guidelines developed by MAAIF.
  • Prospective beneficiary farmers shall be qualified as ready when they have already prepared the garden and dug holes
  • When registering farmers, the Districts shall map out areas of concentration to avoid scattering of farmers. This will ease establishment of processing facilities and/or ease collection of green leaf from tea farmers.
  • GPS points of selected beneficiary farmer gardens shall be recorded for ease of traceability and garden area estimation.
  • Selected farmers shall sign MoUs with DLGs before receiving the seedlings to ensure compliance with requirements.

Procurement of tea seedlings under Government Strategic Interventions

  • The NAADS secretariat shall establish a data base of all certified and prequalified tea nursery operators at the secretariat and also in the participating DLGs.
  • The tea seedlings shall be procured by the respective procurement entities following the PPDA guidelines.
  • All prequalified tea nursery operators shall be contracted preferably under framework arrangement by the respective procurement entities (NAADS Secretariat and the respective District Local Governments).
  • Procurement of all tea seedlings will be operationalized by issuance of call off orders either by NAADS Secretariat or by the participating DLGs.
  • Tea seedlings shall be delivered to the nearest farmer access points as agree during pre-supply meetings under the supervision of respective DLGs officials.
  • All tea seedling suppliers shall be issued with documents acknowledging receipt of supplies.

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