How to plant pineapples

How to plant pineapples


There are 4 different systems of the plantation in pineapple farming. These four different planting methods are

  • Flat-bed planting method
  • Furrow planting method
  • Contour planting method and
  • Trench planting method

However, the planting system in pineapple farming varies in accordance with soil type and rainfall in a particular region. Note that in slopes or hilly region, contour planting or TERRACING is should be adopted.

Irrigation in pineapple farming

  • Pineapples are water-loving plants and are mostly cultivated in good rain-fed areas.
  • An Optimum rainfall of 1500 mm per year is sufficient enough for their best growth.
  • However, water should be supplemented to obtain good sized pineapple fruits for good profit.
  • Nowadays, it is possible to planting pineapples throughout the whole year to obtain year-round production.
  • Take care during irrigation. Provide water to your crop, time to time on the basis of requirements.

Quick Tips for Growing Pineapples in Uganda

  • Clear up land meant for planting by deep cultivation.
  • Treat the crowns with fungicide and insecticide before planting.
  • Mark your field using the 2ft and 1ft spacing for planting.
  • Place the crowns 3cm deep in to the field and gently firm with soil.
  • Spray the plantings with foliar fungicide and pesticide.
  • Also water a bit the crowns for proper growth.
  • In about 15 to 24 months you will be able to harvest your pineapple fruits.
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