Dairy farmers receive milk processing & cooling facilities worth UGX 3 Billion from  Govt/NAADS.

Dairy farmers receive milk processing & cooling facilities worth UGX 3 Billion from Govt/NAADS.

In a bid to promote value addition in the dairy industry, Government through the Ministry of
Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries commissioned and officially handed over dairy
processing and milk cooling facilities to livestock and dairy farmers’ cooperatives in the 5
districts of Kyankwanzi, Kiruhura, Kazo, Bushenyi and Kabale.
The facilities include 2 mini dairy processors and 8 milk coolers and these were commissioned
by the state Minister for Animal Husbandry Hon. Bright Rwamirama who cautioned farmer
beneficiaries to use them to improve on the quality and also add value to their milk for improved
incomes. The beneficiaries mini dairy processing equipment include Kigezi Dairy Cooperative
Society Ltd in Kabale district and Kyankwanzi milk processing group in Kyanakwanzi district.
The 2 facilities are part of the 5 mini dairy processing facilities that Government through NAADS
has established to promote value addition to milk. They produce pasteurized milk, yoghurt,
cheese, ghee among other milk products.

The 3,000 litre capacity milk coolers commissioned were given to Sanga Dairy Farmers
Cooperative society in Kiruhura district, Mbogo Cooperative Society Ltd, Burunga Commercial
Farmers’ Cooperative Society and Ngomba Alliance Dairy Farmers’ Cooperative Society in Kazo
district, and Kabeihura Farmers ltd in Bushenyi district.
While commissioning these facilities, Minister Rwamirama urged the beneficiaries of the milk
processing equipment to put the facilities to good use for improved quality of milk supplied to the
public. He urged the dairy farmers to promote milk consumption starting from their own families
and their villages before looking at markets outside.
“It is embarrassing to be hosted by dairy farmers and producers at a milk chilling facility and you
are given mineral water for a drink instead of milk. If we want to increase the number of people
consuming milk, milk consumption should start with us by making it part of our daily meals”, said
Rwamirama while commissioning a 3,000 liter milk cooler at Sanga town in Kiruhura district.
The minister said government plans to extend the same facilities to Karamoja Region to the help
the people of Karamoja to improve the quality and process their milk.
The Executive Director NAADS Dr. Samuel Mugasi said since 2014, NAADS has supported
dairy farmers through a number of interventions including the distribution of improved in-calf
heifers, distribution of improved pasture seed under the pasture improvement initiative which
saw 920 acres of improved pastures established in 10 districts of the South western sub region.
Other interventions included provision of milk coolers and ancillary equipment to dairy farming
communities, provision of mini dairy processing equipment to prospective dairy processor

“There is no doubt NAADS has a footprint in Uganda’s dairy sector through the various
interventions. Working with Dairy Development Authority and other stakeholders, we have seen
Uganda’s milk production increase from 1.08 billion litres in 2010 to over 3.2 billion litres in
2022”, explained Dr. Mugasi.
Christine Kyomugisha, the chairperson of Kyankwanzi milk processing group which received
dairy processing equipment worth ugx 454m with a capacity of 1,000 litres of milk per day said
the facility will provide a quick market to dairy farmers in Kyankwanzi and reduce on the losses
they have been making especially during the rainy season when the production of milk is very

“During the rainy season, most farmers have been pouring away milk because the trucks that
buy from us cannot take all the milk during the peak season. But with this facility that
Government has given to us, we shall be able to add value to our milk through making yoghurt,
cheese and other milk products”, said Kyomugisha.
This is the first milk processing facility in the entire Kyankwanzi district.
In Kabale, the chairperson of Kigezi Dairy Cooperative Society Benjamin Turyahikayo
commended Government for the support and said the mini milk processing plant will save dairy
farmers in Kigezi region from making losses because the equipment will process and preserve
the excess milk produced.
The project is jointly facilitated by the Dairy Development Authority.

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