Programme Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

At National level, NAADS maintains an established Board and a Secretariat. At the local government level, NAADS supports District and Sub- County NAADS Coordinators to facilitate the bottom up planning process, and liaising with other stakeholders. This helps NAADS to ensure support for facilitation, coordination, financial management and reporting, financial auditing of the Programme financial flows, and oversight of service contracts. Besides NAADS ensures the establishment of a management information system for monitoring of the Programme, as well as baseline surveys and data gathering procedures for impact evaluation.

NAADs  emphasises the use of Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) by all partners participating in the programmes as a tool for monitoring framer group development and impact and for providing information relevant for fine tuning the NAADS programme. 

Under the NAADS approach, PME is more inclined to the active involvement of farmers in the generation and analysis of data about programme activities, outputs and impact through the use of systematic reporting forms. The first point of participation is at farmer group (FG) level.  Here, the farmers compile data about NAADS activities on a monthly and quarterly basis with the help of Group facilitators and submit their reports to Parish Co-ordination Committees (PCCs).  The latter consolidate data from all the groups in a parish and submit the report to the sub-county NAADS Co-ordinator (SCNC) and the Sub-County Farmer Forum (SCFF).

At each level (FGs, PCCs, SCFF), the farmers share the information about their strengths and weaknesses, performance of service providers and other pertinent issues and provide feedback.  The farmer groups provide feedback to the individual farmers that constitute the group; the PCCs provide feedback to the FGs that constitute the parish while the SCFF and sub-county technical staff provide feedback to the PCCs and FGs depending on the nature of the area of concern.  Similarly, farmers through the FGs, PCCs and SCFF - are able to provide feedback to the service providers Service providers should also be able to give a feedback in response to farmers' reports.

The PME mechanism creates an effective forward and backward channel of information sharing aimed at improving the quality of services and group development processes.

Why Participatory monitoring & evaluation?

The NAADS programme is founded on active involvement of all stakeholders' in programme activities including development of work plans & budgets, contracting and appraisal of agriculture advisory service providers as well as monitoring and assessing outputs and impact.

This is well articulated in the NAADS principles focusing on: Farmer empowerment, targeting of services to the poor and women and Deepening decentralisation/ devolution of power to lower levels, particularly the farmer level.

Monitoring is a continuous process that requires active participation of all stakeholders especially at the point of implementation of the activities in generating data and information.

Participation of stakeholders in all aspects of monitoring and evaluating the programme cultivates a sense of ownership, bringing about a high level of awareness and understanding of what is going on as well as enhancing people's responsibility towards programme initiatives.