General Support to Farmers in Districts



     The NAADS Secretariat, is a Public Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries is mandated to increase access by all categories of farmers to agricultural inputs for improved household food and nutrition security and household incomes in line with the Agricultural Sector Strategic Plan and National Development Plan within Uganda's Vision 2040

  • General support to farmers in the District Local Governments through through provision of planting materials (seeds and seedlings  for national and zonal/district specific priority  commodities, including : maize, bean, rice, soya beans, sorghum, ground nuts and simsim;   banana, citrus, tea, mangoes, cocoa cassava irish potatoes, apples, pineapple  passion fruit ginger, garlic, grapes

  •   General support to farmers in the District Local Governments through provision of Stocking materials for national and zonal/district specific priority  commodities, including: Dairy cattle (heifers), beef cattle, improved goats pigs (gilts/boars), poultry (layers/broilers/ kuroiler) and poultry seeds fish fingerlings  ( catfish, mirror cap, and tilapia) and fish feeds ,fish cages and bee-hives.
  •          Supports  Strategic/special  interventions through provision of :  


    o   Seedlings for national priority/strategic commodities namely, tea, citrus, mangoes, cocoa;  multiplication of planting materials though establishment of mother gardens (Irish potato,  banana, apple and pasture seed;  Demonstration  of use of fertilizers (DAP, NPK, Urea) and chemicals for disease and pest control (citrus, mangoes, Irish potato)


    o   Stocking materials for strategic  livestock : Artificial Insemination (AIs) kits for dairy;  poultry hatcheries and parent stock (layer-birds); Fish hatcheries


    o   Farm machinery and implements:  tractors;  power tillers (walking tractors)   manual and motorized sprayers, motorized chuff cutters, multi-crop threshers


    o   Value addition equipment, including: small and medium scale fruit-juice processing equipment, milk coolers and generators,  maize milling equipment, cassava milling equipment, rice milling equipment,  feed milling equipment, honey processing equipment, motorized and manual coffee pulpers and  coffee hullers.