National Farmer Call Centre

The government of Uganda continues to prioritize agriculture as a centre piece for poverty eradication and prosperity for all. Through agriculture, the government aspires to implement programs that impact majority of Ugandans. To further its commitment in enhancing sector development, government is implementing the Agricultural Technology and Agribusiness Advisory Services (ATAAS); a joint NAADS-NARO project seeking to transform the sector from subsistence farming to commercial agriculture. This is in line with the Development Strategy and Investment Plan (DSIP).

In achieving project objectives, NAADS has a role of increasing farmer access to agricultural information and advisory services through a decentralized farmer owned/controlled advisory services system under corruption free environments. In this regard, the government of Uganda is pursuing a governance and anti-corruption (GAC) strategy through which all stake holders are expected to achieve high on transparency, accountability and public involvement in the management of public funds. The National Farmer Call Centre is one of the key innovations towards this objective.

The National Farmer call centre is a meeting point for all stakeholders including farmers, local governments, civil society, private sector and NAADS Secretariat. Overall the National Farmer Call Centre is tasked with receiving, registering, processing and providing instant feedback as much as possible on various agricultural value chains and stakeholder complaints.The centre also provides for information dissemination on NAADS and its implementation and general inquiry.

We hope stakeholders will use it to demand for transparent and equitable research and advisory services.

How to reach the Call Centre

The National Farmer Call Centre can be reached on the following toll free line 0800230100
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