Strategic interventions

NAADS Supports Strategic/Special interventions through provision of a number of services and products including:


Seedlings for national priority/strategic commodities namely, tea, citrus, mangoes, cocoa;   multiplication of planting materials though establishment of mother gardens (irish potato,  banana, apple and pasture seed;  Demonstration  of use of fertilizers (DAP, NPK, Urea) and chemicals for disease and pest control (citrus, mangoes, irish potato

  • Stocking materials for strategic  livestock : Artificial Insemination (AIs) kits for dairy;  poultry hatcheries and parent stock (layer-birds); Fish hatcheries


  • Farm machinery and implements:  tractors;  power tillers (walking tractors)   manual and motorized sprayers, motorized chuff cutters, multi-crop threshers


  • Value addition equipment, including: small and medium scale fruit-juice processing equipment, milk coolers and generators,  maize milling equipment, cassava milling equipment, rice milling equipment,  feed milling equipment, honey processing equipment, motorized and manual coffee pulpers and  coffee hullers
  • Produce handling and storage facilities for produce: grain warehouses and aggregation facilities