BBW is gradually becoming a dream in Mbarara - NAADS Intervenes

A banana tree affected by Banana Bacterial Wilt

On April 12 2013, Uganda launched the National BBW Action\r\nPlan in Bukiro Sub County Mbarara District. The selection of this area was due\r\nto the success stories in the fight against BBW in the Country. Some\r\nof the strong controls used includes: the implementation of the District\r\nOrdinances on BBW in addition to wide sensitization campaigns. The fight\r\nagainst BBW has been very successful in the Villages of Mirambi, Kakondo I and\r\nII and Kaziga all in Bukiro Parish Bukiro Sub County Mbarara District.

The National Agricultural\r\nAdvisory Services together with the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and\r\nFisheries and NARO is moving an extensive campaign to educate Farmers on how to\r\ngo by this disease. The outcomes of the campaigns can be seen in this region.


Farmers are very hopeful that BBW will be fully controlled\r\nif they keep alert removing any infected banana plants in time. They were very\r\nexcited that now they are harvesting again.