National Farmers Leadership Centre - NFLC, Kampringisa

The President's Office and Canaan Farmer School in South Korea made numerous correspondences, regarding the need to adopt and adapt the Korean model of rural development through mind set change which was key in transforming South Korea from one of the third world countries in the 1960s to the 10th largest economy in the world today.

Korea's own experience of training on mind set change produced enormous positive results in development and improved the people of South Korea's abilities to execute thoughts into actions as well as transferring positive energy which general theoretical school education or job training failed to do. Therefore mindset training derives from the Korea's unique human capital.

A series of meetings were held between the Korean delegation and MAAIF and other stakeholders to forge a way forward towards His Excellence the President's decision to start up the National Farmers' Leadership Centre (NFLC). The Korean delegation team was satisfied with Kampiringisa.

Subsequently, on April 19, 2011, Government of Uganda signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of the Republic of South Korea to establish a National Farmers' Leadership Centre (NFLC) in Uganda. The Government of Uganda identified part of the land currently occupied by Kampiringisa Juvenile Rehabilitation Centre and directed that 50 acres out of 372 acres of land under use, be allocated to the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) for implementation of the said project (NFLC).

It was against this background, that an Interim Technical Committee under the Chairmanship of the NAADS Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager was appointed by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of  Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries to fast track the process of formulating , designing and coordinating of the establishment of the National Farmers' Leadership Centre for the above mentioned purpose and ensure that Uganda government complied with the time lines in the Memorandum of Understanding that the Government of Uganda signed with the Republic of South Korea.