NAADS is working with Operation Wealth Creation to transform the lives of Ugandans through improved Agricultural production..
ED NAADS hands over Motorized spray to Lt.Cnl Mugarura

OWC is an initiative by H.E the President of the Republic of\r\nUganda aimed at engaging  the UPDF in\r\nimproving household incomes by providing support in the coordination of NAADS\r\nactivities at community level. This was in recognition of the role of the UPDF\r\nin spearheading the liberation struggle. As a result therefore, the NAADS staff\r\nin District Local Governments were relieved of their duties to pave way for a\r\nsingle spine mode of extension approach to be implemented directly under the\r\nMinistry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF). Effective\r\nimplementation of this new initiative requires an integrated approach that involves\r\nthe traditional civil servants as technocrats, political, religious and\r\ncultural leaders to provide a platform for transforming the traditional mind\r\nset of population.


OWC Initiative is being implemented\r\nunder various Ministries and Agencies. However the Agriculture component of\r\nproviding inputs/technologies to farmers at national level is being managed by\r\nOWC under the office of the President and NAADS under MAAIF. OWC has a well\r\norganized structure that provides for the overall Coordinator at national\r\nlevel, the headquarter staff based at Bwebaja on Entebbe road, Liaison Officers\r\nbased in selected Ministries like MAAIF, MOFPED and Agencies like NAADS, NARO,\r\nREA, and UNFFE among others, the Regional Coordinators for all the 18 OWC zones\r\nand Constituency Coordinators for all the 230 Constituencies countrywide.

By NAADS Secretariat
Posted 25th, February 2016
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